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LikeTheBullCo offers a wide range of different production services. Regardless of the acoustic style you have, LikeTheBullCo will take an objective, creative, and professional approach to making it sound ‘world-class’. You’ll not only benefit from cutting-edge production equipment; you’ll also get an experienced ear to guarantee your music sounds incredible. Look below through the different services offered for a unique and special music experience.

Sheet Music

Recording Sessions

A Unique Experience

Come record with LikeTheBullCo so they can help you shape your unique sound. By combining elements of various genres and styles, you’ll create something that’s truly original.

Music Consulting

Top Experience

These services are key for adding the final touches to your album or single. LikeTheBullCo oversees all Music Consulting to ensure everything is on track. Experience your music with the effects of a soundboard and unique recording equipment to make sure each track speaks for itself. Trust LikeTheBullCo to give your music that extra touch.

Music Director

Taking Care of Business

Live show, tv taping or tour? Hire Toro from LikeTheBullCo as your musical director and receive a creative and innovative musical experience with top notch musicians, renowned engineers, hard working techs and the highest quality experience coupled with great fun. We do thrive in all Genres and want to work with you.

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